Sensitivity Training– Break a Masturbation Rut!

When it comes to masturbation, you can never have too much of a good thing. You can, however, get a little too dependent on self-stimulation, or fall into the habit of finishing in only one way. This can make it harder to finish with a partner, or harder to achieve orgasm overall. But don’t worry!Continue reading “Sensitivity Training– Break a Masturbation Rut!”

The Signs as Impact Play

Astrology haters, f*ck off! Grow a sense of humor and a little spirituality and find out which of these spanking tools you should try next in your bedroom adventures.

Guess Who’s Available for Video Calls?

Uh, no, not Beyoncé, and now I feel like the real answer is going to be kind of a letdown after that? Damn, Tiffany. It’s me! I am opening up my availability for video calls! This post is to announce my brand-new Video Calls page, where you can book an appointment for a private experienceContinue reading “Guess Who’s Available for Video Calls?”

On Bisexuality

During some parts of my teen years, it was like I was on a mission to take every single existing “Am I Gay?” quiz on the internet. These were obviously very helpful and accurate tools crafted by other brilliant teenagers on deviantART and Tumblr and other such cesspools of budding identities and self-expression. The resultsContinue reading “On Bisexuality”

Personal Lubricant Basics

There are so many kinds of personal lubricant!! Brands upon brands, with minimal packaging, with sparkly packaging, promising individual sensations for each partner, guaranteeing they’re only made with natural ingredients. What is the difference between these many little bottles? And how do you decide which one (or two!) is right for you? 

Your First Anal Toy

You’ve seen them in porn and heard about them in jokes about lost bets– butt plugs and anal beads. The final frontier for some of us grown-ups, but a well-worn trail for others. If you’re here, more than likely anal sex is new ground for you, but perhaps you’ve experienced digital/manual anal play (as in, maybe you’re playing with fingers and tongues but haven’t quite made it to penetration yet). Never fear, brave adventurer. Your favorite professional slut is here to teach you how to pick one out!