Guess Who’s Available for Video Calls?

Uh, no, not Beyoncé, and now I feel like the real answer is going to be kind of a letdown after that? Damn, Tiffany.

It’s me! I am opening up my availability for video calls! This post is to announce my brand-new Video Calls page, where you can book an appointment for a private experience with me that can be enjoyed from anywhere in the world!

Back to my Roots! Kinda

My first foray into the adult industry was through webcam modeling. A few months after coming of age, I discovered I could make my own hours and build an income without even leaving my house, which was ideal for me in that time of my life. Not only did it give me stability… I also got a huge thrill from getting naked in front of a camera!

I could have hustled a lot harder, looking back, but I was enjoying myself and finding new and creative ways to share my girl-next-door sexiness with strangers. My favorite thing was to do private shows for regular clients! I gave virtual blowjobs, sensuous one-on-one shower shows, and even cooked topless and ate dinner with people from all over the globe. 

I haven’t a clue if I’ll return to streaming shows with any regularity at this point, though I am considering it. But plenty of folks lately have asked if I offer video calls, and after taking a couple, I was flooded with nostalgia. I still love the artistry and flexibility of private video interactions! And memories of glitchy Skype calls and carpet prints on my knees have faded from my mind enough that I’d like to start taking appointments for Virtual Sex again!

Rolls on rolls

Variety: the Spice of Life

Over the course of my time as a performer and as an adult retail worker, I’ve accumulated an honestly impressive collection of lingerie, props, and toys. Lots of them have appeared in my videos and pictures, but some have yet to make their debut!

My lingerie closet is crammed with colors, lace, and fishnets. Rihanna owes me advertising royalties for how often her pieces adorn my body (I am kidding, Rihanna owes me nothing, in fact we all owe her everything for blessing us with her presence on this earth). I’ve managed to find my perfect size in what I consider “the basics” when it comes to sexy roleplay. You know, your usual suspects: naughty nurse, sexy schoolgirl, college babe, slutty maid, pussycat, nasty nun, and even lusty Linda Belcher. That’s right, perv! You can make that weird Bob’s Burger’s wet dream you had “one time” into a sexy reality!

And my toys? My toys??? Just look at this handsome lineup of soldiers.

That’s a sexy selection of silicone!

Availability and Payment

I am currently accepting Video Call appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays between the hours of 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The likelihood of getting the time slot you prefer will only be higher the further in advance you schedule your appointment!

Acceptable methods of payment for these appointments include Cash App, Venmo, and SpankPay.

Deposits are not currently required to schedule a Video Call, but if you want to secure your time slot, you may send a deposit that will count toward the total owed for the appointment. See details on how to do this on the booking page!

Let’s Do This!

Hell yeah! So what do you say? Do you have a fantasy with me that you’d like to live out long-distance? Been dreaming of an FMTY and want to start getting to know each other? Now’s your chance! Visit my brand-new Video Calls page to learn more and fill out a booking form. Don’t be shy– tell me your fantasy in the provided space on the form so I can get my filthy mind to work and plan our incredible time together.

I’ll be in touch!



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