I Control Your Hand and Your Dick

The following post is an erotic fantasy writing sampler containing elements of JOI, domination, brattiness, and the super hot contents of my dirty mind. If you like this sampler, the rest is available for your reading pleasure by following the links at the end of the post!

You can look at this ass, but I’ll still be watching closely to make sure you’re following orders!

I see you’ve come to me for your release yet again. You love so much to be in my capable hands! But this time, I’m not going to lay a single finger on you. That’s right. You’re going to prove to me how good you are at following instructions. Your hand and your cock belong to me, now. So you had better be out of your pants and in your underwear, and you better not have your knob out yet. If you do, put it the fuck away, what do you think you’re doing acting outside of my orders?

First, you’re going to show me one of my favorite things– I want to see your bulge before I see your cock. So trace the outline of your dick with your finger. Show me where the shaft is sitting, where the tip is. Squeeze the fabric around it so it stands out more. I love to see what my words are doing to you. Let it grow under my watchful attention. You love getting hard for me, because you know how much I love to watch.

Now you may take out your cock. Let it sit freely for a moment, don’t touch or stroke it just yet. Let me appreciate how it stands and jumps slightly at being seen. Move your hips, I want to see it move back and forth. Perfect. 

Take whatever lubrication you prefer and put it only on the tip of your cock. Play with the underside of the head with just your fingers. Tease your cock for me, as it gets harder and longs to be stroked, but don’t stroke just yet! Run your fingers up and down the shaft, because I know you want to reward yourself with your whole hand, but you’re not allowed, yet. You must be a good boy for me!

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