I Don’t Need a Dick to Make Your Wife Squirt!

The following post is an erotic writing sampler containing: second-person perspective, lesbian cuckolding, light bondage, cunnilingus, and strap-on sex. If you enjoy this teaser, join my Onlyfans to read every naughty bit!

You want to watch someone else make your wife come and I’m here to help. You can watch from across the room as I make a whole meal out of this gorgeous woman. I’m going to explore every inch of her skin with my tongue. I’m going to pin her legs back so her pussy is spread and I can enjoy the view I’ve made of her glistening clit.

Maybe, if you’re good, I will undo the restraints that are keeping your hands on the arms of the chair you’re sitting in as you watch me ravish the woman you love. I can already see your cock straining to get out of your pants. Too bad! Keep watching, sir.

With your wife’s legs up high, I’ll bring my tongue to the place she’s been longing for me to put it since you both arrived at my door. Her pussy is shimmering and her clit is hard against my tongue, poking out of the folds of her labia, which now have a bit of my lipstick on them. I giggle at the idea of the lipstick being on the wrong lips, and the movement of air from my mouth makes your wife gasp.

I’ll encircle her clit with my mouth and move my tongue over it, flat. I’ll even gently suck on her clit just a little, something you never thought of despite the many times she’s sucked on you. She deserves the moans escaping her mouth after all the work she’s done. Now she’s my pillow princess, and my mouth sucks hungrily at her cunt, and her fingers are tangling in my hair as she presses my head further between her legs. She’s coming, faster and louder than you’ve ever made her come. Your hands twitch in their restraints. You’re aroused… and perhaps a little upset.

Her moans become frantic as I find a rhythm she loves. With my tongue pressed broadly against her, and my head rocking back and forth, she’s beginning to lose her mind. I don’t quit, I keep the rhythm, I commit to the singular action of rocking my tongue against her clit. Her moans disappear for a moment with a gasp, and then return so loudly I’m sure I’ve disturbed my neighbors. Her breaths return and she sags against the bed. I withdraw my tongue and kiss just above her clit. She looks into my eyes and we giggle together.

Our time together has hardly begun and I’ve already accomplished quite a bit! I leave her to reel for a moment on the bed and retrieve my harness and a couple of dildos. I’m about to fuck your wife with the cock of her choice, and as an added bonus, it might be glittery and pink. Your dick could never.

I lay the dildos out for her to look at, and I approach you. I release your dominant hand from your restraint, and assist you in removing the clothes keeping you from your cock.

“Stay here,” I instruct. As I walk away, you catch a glimpse of my own wetness between my thighs.

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